The Lowdown On Recycled Toilet Water

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Can You Really Recycle Toilet Water?

Recycled toilet water has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people become aware of the environmental impact that they are making by their everyday use of water. It’s been shown time and again that when a home or business uses water from a tap that is treated, it is depleting resources from our environment. Bottled water, on the other hand, is highly concentrated, so there is hardly any water to use. Recycled toilet water therefore becomes a viable alternative and one that should be given serious consideration by anyone planning to make the switch from tap to bottle.Recycled water is also highly beneficial for your family as it has no harmful chemicals in it. In the first ever “blind” taste test of “toilet to tap” water, residents admitted that they actually preferred it to regular tap water. This could be because of the added minerals present in the recycled water, but they were extremely impressed with how good it tasted and how environmentally conscious they were.

Water Additives

However, as with all waste products, the process that makes recycled water can cause some problems. The main problem is the chlorine that is added to the water in the treatment process. A lot of people have a difficult time drinking recycled water and many find that the taste is overpowering, so they may not even drink it.To solve this problem, many companies are now selling ‘coloured’ water. However, you should not confuse the water with bottled water as these products are made using different chemicals from what the ‘coloured’ water is made of. It is also not always possible to tell what the difference is between the bottled and ‘coloured’ products. Most will contain the same levels of chlorine, so the taste and smell will be almost identical.

Global Solutions

The good news is that although some people may find that the taste and smell are unbearable, they are unlikely to suffer any ill effects in the way that many others do. Most of these products are not designed to harm human health in any way, so they are unlikely to lead to cancer or other ailments. Recycled water is a simple solution to a very complex problem, and in the past has only been used in certain areas of the world. As more people become aware of the issues involved, more companies will start offering recycled water in bottles and other containers.