Is It Really Safe To Drink Recycled Water?

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Safe Recycled Drinking Water

When it comes to drinking recycled water, many people are concerned. They aren’t sure whether or not it is safe to drink recycled water. After a survey that the local water treatment facility conducted in 2020, however, it was found that initially most people were very opposed to the thought of drinking recycled water – only 25 percent supported it. After being told how the water purification and treatment system work, however, 55 percent were now in favor. The biggest reason for the shift? Safety. The bottled water industry, while claiming its products to be all-natural and clean, is still releasing toxic chemicals into the environment.

Industry Accountability

The bottled water industry has also been caught manipulating data. For example, a study by the Environmental Working Group found that one of the bottled water companies had been manipulating testing results so as to increase the amount of harmful chemicals it releases. The company, known as Aquaman, did this by adding trace amounts of certain chemicals to samples that were tested. The company’s water samples contained higher levels of such chemicals than the amount found naturally in water supplies.

Should You Drink It?

So, is there really safe to drink recycled water? Many people claim that their bottled water tastes better, even though these companies claim that their bottles do not taste any different from tap water. Some even claim that tap water tastes much better than bottled water, but there is no proof that this is true. Bottled drinking water is also not always as safe as people make it out to be. This is especially true when you look at the ingredients that are in tap water. There are drugs and contaminants that are found in natural water sources, including water treatment plants, that cannot be found in bottled water. In fact, there are pharmaceuticals that are found in some bottled waters, too. Bottled water can be extremely unhealthy for your body, especially if you consume it daily. As the name implies, it is something that is sold as “pure” or as something that is “pure from the tap.” If it is bottled from tap water then it is likely that you are drinking tap water that contains traces of prescription drugs and other dangerous chemicals. Even if it was packaged in “purified” bottles, it could still contain drugs and toxins.
Harmful Organisms

What is worse is that many people believe that their tap water, which they get from their tap, actually has bacteria in it and other harmful organisms. Although these things may exist in tap water, these are not the ones that are found in bottled water. So, when deciding between drinking bottled water or using tap water, make sure to check the ingredients. Make sure that the water you choose is as clean as possible. Remember, the only thing that you want is the best tasting water possible, and that you will never have to worry about unsafe water ever again.