How Does a Water Recycling System Work?

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The Grey Water Process

The grey water recycling system is used mainly in the United States, as it has become quite necessary nowadays for the disposal of sewage. Grey water is gathered from a septic system through the separate drain pipe for avoiding mix-up with blackwater or sewage. (Blackwater or sewage is produced through toilets and kitchens and it has heavy bacterial load.) As the water recycling system works, the wastewater is separated out of the sewage by use of a biological aeration process. This process breaks down the sewage into smaller and more concentrated droplets and then the wastewater is further filtered and treated. The amount of waste water that goes into a water recycling system depends on the amount of water that has been captured. In some systems, the waste water is also treated as well; however, some systems only work with wastewater that is already available.

Can You Drink It?

The grey water recycling system can be used for treating drinking water as well as sewage. These days, the grey water recycling systems are used for treatment of all types of water including drinking water and even industrial effluents. Some companies have started using the grey water recycling system for their own drinking water and even their agricultural irrigation systems. This type of water recycling is becoming more common and most people are beginning to realize that it is a good idea to recycle. There are many advantages of using this type of water recycling system. It is a better way to deal with waste water than traditional ways of treating it such as by chemical treatment.

Diverting Grey Water

When you use the grey water recycling system, the waste water does not just go into the landfill because you treat it. All the wastewater that is collected goes into a central collection unit that gathers water from all over the state. This makes the wastewater more manageable as well as there are several water sources. One advantage of this type of water recycling is that it allows you to reuse the wastewater. It allows you to use the water as much as you want. In fact, if you use the wastewater to help water plants or water gardens, you can use all the water from the wastewater.

Save Money

The water recycling system can also help save money, since the water that goes into the collection system can be reused as well. Since the water goes into the central collection unit, you will never have to buy any water again. However, if you have a big household that uses a lot of water, this might not be a problem for you. You can use all the water for the whole household. The best part of the whole system is that you do not have to worry about the safety of the water. You do not have to worry about the water that you get back.